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GNSS Multiband Antenne

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GNSS Multiband Antenne (OEM)

Externe Multiband Antenne L1/L2/L5 mit 30 cm Kabel und SMA-Stecker (male). Geeignet für simpleRTK2Bx und alle anderen GNSS Multiband Empfänger.

Technische Daten:

Operating temperature-30 to +75 deg (without case)
Weight78g (incl. 30cm cable, excl case)
GND plane used for datasheet tests7 x 7 cm
Delivered with GND planeDiameter 6.5 cm
Operating voltage2.5 – 5.5V, Typ 3.0V
Current consumption20mA @ 3V
Antenna peak gainTyp: 4dBic (L1), 1.5dBi (L2)
LNA gain26dB
LNA noise figureTyp: 2.2dB (L1), 2.8dB (L2)
Bandwidth1565-1605MHz, 1207-1247MHz


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GNSS Multiband Antenne

GNSS Multiband Antenne

GNSS Multiband Antenne


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