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The A2 flight controller-Set consists of:
- Main controller (Dual CAN-Bus System 12 output channels, built-in 2.4 GHz DR16 receiver which COMBINES the transmitter-series Futaba supported; reserved JR and SPEKTRUM satellite)
- IMU (built-in high sensitive damper IMU module)
- GPS (High-Gain antenna; high-precision satellite receiver)
- PMU (voltage detection and alerting; a erweitbare CAN BUS interface)
LED (equipped with an LED Bluetooth indicator (LED-BT-I).

The adjustment of the parameters is more convenient than ever before. The Internet connection to your Smartphone will also be available when setting the parameters via LED-BT-I module.

The A2 flight controller supports 9 different types of engine layout. It offers the possibility for custom Motor-Mix, and thus meets all the requirements of the user.

Intelligent orientation control (IOC)
Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. Through the use of the intelligent orientation control (IOC), the forward direction is nothing to do with nose direction:
In the course of the "Lock flight" is the forward direction is the same as the nose direction recorded. In the course of the "Home flight" is the forward direction is the same as the direction from Home point to multi-rotor.

The A2 flight controller has a POI function (Point of Interest). If the GPS Signal is good, can record the user using the remote control, the current Position of the aircraft as a waypoint (POI). The drone is able to perform a circle flight around the point of interest (with the nose pointing at the POI) within a radius of 5 meters to 500 meters. This function is easy to use and carry.

Intelligent Landing Gear Function
As soon as the intelligent landing gear function is enabled in the Software, is the chassis in the lower Position when the drone is on the ground. The System will exit in case of emergency (motor failure or auto landing) of the landing gear to protect the aircraft and Gimbal. By a switch on the Lower back of the chassis to pull taxes. The flight height must be at least 5 meters.

Automatic or controlled return flight
If the connection of the multi-rotor flight controller is interrupted during the flight, a failure of protection. If the signal strength is sufficient, will fly the multi-rotor automatically to the starting point. It is a button function set-up, with a return flight can manually activate.

Multi-Rotor Fail Protection
If the aircraft is in Attitude or GPS Attitude flying mode and one of the engines fails, the aircraft will be his safe flight position to retain the Arm to rotate, the Motor has failed. In this state, the aircraft is still under control and returns to a safe starting point. Thus, the risk of a crash is reuziert.




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DJI A2 Flight Controller

DJI A2 Flight Controller



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