SYNOPROX6 Hexakopter

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SYNOPROX6 Hexakopter

(Pictures show optional accessories, depending on the selection of the set)

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SYNOPROX6 - Hexacopter

Please read this article and the detailed product presentation in our Blog!

The SYNOPROX6 - Frame "Made in Germany" will be equipped by default with the E800 Propulsion kit from DJI (drive), as well as Holybro PIX32 PX4 2.4.6. The first-class E800 Crankset from DJI we already have detailed reports (here), and our detailed Tests to confirm this with the SYNOPROX6 also impressive in practice. With the choice of the 3DR Pixhawk or PIX32 as the AutoPilot has the SYNOPROX6 is not only a very reliable "heart", but it also offers all functions for professional use are required. The SYNOPROX6 is available in the versions:

  1. SYNOPROX6 DIY Kit = Complete kit with the core components for self-build
  2. SYNOPROX6 RTF = ready for delivery, on request, with initial start-up

SYNOPROX6 - Hexacopter features at a Glance

  • Modular, universal Hexakopter
  • Frame "Made in Germany", individualisation possible
  • Payload up to approx. 700 g plus. drive battery LiPo 6s recommended a 7,000 mAh (AUW = 4 KG)
  • Payload up to approx. 1,3 KG plus. drive battery LiPo 6s recommended 10,000 mAh (AUW = 4.9 KG)
  • Take-off weight incl. Payload (up to approx 1.3 KG) < 5 KG
  • Time-of-flight (funds from hover/ flight) = 20 minutes +
  • High-quality, reliable drive components (Max. approx. 12 KG thrust)
  • High-Tech motor control system for perfect command implementation from the AutoPilot. Even with a brisk Wind in a good Position and flight path of loyalty. With protection functions for the longevity of the drive battery's (LiPo), as well as the on-Board electronics.
  • Light Position-LED's, for diagnostic display
  • GPS/ compass module from uBlox to receive up to (in Germany) of 24 the satellite, which leads to an exceptionally low value for the horizontal deviation of < 120 cm (HDOP values in the practice of 0.9 - 1.6).
  • Proven, technically sound, and high-performance constructed-in AutoPilot (flight control) from 3D Robotics Inc. (3DR Pixhawk)
  • Essential, via the RC-transmitter switchable flight modes: Stabilized, free-flight, altitude hold, Position hold, Circle (already full circle - all the parameters can be defined), Simple and super simple Mode = no Matter which side of the Copter just shows you, the Kopter will fly in the direction the Stick on the RC transmitter is specified, Auto-Start, Auto-landing, return home = to the start point, return, return home+Land = to the starting point is the return of the land, Fail - safe functions for the low voltage of the propulsion battery, disturbed radio connection between the RC transmitter and the copter, disturbed radio link (telemetry link) with the ground station. Advanced security settings and limitations (Fence). GPS Glitch Protection: The AutoPilot permanently checks, whether the received GPS position data to be plausible to be able and ignored, if necessary, erroneous data (GPS Glitches). A significant step forward for the safety of operation.
  • Combined control by RC transmitter and ground station, e.g. via PC, Tablet, Smartphone, or Smartwatch (MS Windows, Mac OS, LInux, Android, App, various). Technically Autonomous flight by the automatic Start-on waypoints and auto-landing, but in Germany only permitted in case of simultaneous use of an RC transmitter! Create complete flight plans with waypoints = extensive to-do opportunities for each waypoint incl. trigger a camera, and Control of other Sensors. General popular features: "Follow Me" = the copter follows, for example, the Smartphone, Selfie = the Kopter "organized" independently on a snap shot from the pilot (Position is crucial - no image recognition), Click2Fly = tap (Touch) or click (PC/ MAC) to a Position on the map display to the ground station the copter flies there. For the aforementioned functions, the use of the 3DR telemetry module.
  • Control of active camera mounts (camera Gimbals)
  • Pre-defined camera profiles for e.g. photogrammetry
  • Control of optional sensors (Hall effect, optical, etc.)
  • Control of parachute systems (as a Failsafe)
  • Control of Servo - or servo-motors
  • Detailed flight record as a Log-file, evaluation by ground station Software incl. subsequent Simulation of the flight, e.g. for presentation purposes, as an Overlay for Google Earth.

Scope of delivery SYNOPROX6 DIY Kit

  • SYNOPROX6 - Frame assemblies pre-assembled
  • DJI E800 Propulsion kit Hexa
  • Holybro PIX32 PX4 2.4.6 Set incl. uBlox M8N GPS module and 433 MHz telemetry Kit

Scope of delivery SYNOPROX6 RTF

  • SYNOPROX6 Frame
  • DJI E800 Propulsion kit Hexa
  • Holybro PIX32 PX4 2.4.6 Set incl. uBlox M8N GPS module and 433 MHz telemetry Kit
  • FrSky Taranis X9D Plus incl. Receiver
  • Teensy 3.1 module for telemetry data transmission on FRSky RC transmitter
  • Ready built and set (RTF)
  • Combination with camera, Gimbal, camera, the Live image transfer request, u. V. m on request (project)



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SYNOPROX6 Hexakopter

SYNOPROX6 Hexakopter

SYNOPROX6 Hexakopter

(Pictures show optional accessories, depending on the selection of the set)

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