Delivery time

Not all of the items should and can be permanently kept in stock or can be procured within a day. This would inflate the prices unnecessarily. This applies in particular for imports, which ultimately concerns the vast number of products and usually in addition, with minimum quantities are provided. If gem. Delivery information in the Shop, no stock, , in the article view the current delivery period for the suppliers specified. Real the Lieefrzeit is shorter, since the claim relates on the date of the day on which the last piece of the article was sold. In the case of predictable of a significantly different delivery time you will receive a personal e-mail message (in addition to the automated message to the shop system) with accurate information on the Arrival of your Goods. If the delivery time takes too long, you can of course come back without a replacement of your order.
Deliveries to Germany
Stock goods within 24 h ready to ship. The product is not in stock, the delivery time will increase to the estimated delivery date, is specified in the item description. The route is expected within Germany is 1-2 working days.
Deliveries abroad
For deliveries in the neighbouring countries, it is assumed that the same delivery time as for delivery to Germany. For longer freight routes can increase the delivery time. This is also strongly on the chosen transport company. We will clarify this to you in advance of your order for you.