Thunder S550 Hexacopter Set


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Thunder S550 Hexacopter Set

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Figure: Thunder S550 with DJI E310 Crankset and Pix32 pixhawk AutoPilot 

Thunder S550 Hexacopter Set

High appealing kit for a Hexakopter in the 55 cm class. Of the practical, precision-made kit is quickly assembled and has a built-in power distribution. The boom of composite material are manufactured with a carbon fiber rod as the core and, in conjunction with the rest of the frame in this size is quite convincing stability. The shape of the jib to integrate a slope of about 8° whereby the motors have a corresponding angle of Attack is prescribed angle structurally. This leads to a higher intrinsic stability in flight. A well-sized landing gear out of carbon fiber tubes, completes the total of only approx. 485g light Thunder S550 frame incl. LiPo-holder and universal mounting plate.

Technical data at a Glance:

  • Frame Type: Hexa X, non-foldable, rigid frame
  • Empty weight incl. supplied accessories: 485g
  • Landing gear height (the lower edge of the lower center plate): 24,9 cm
  • Motor to Motor axis distance (real): 53 cm
  • Distance carrier pipes (center to center): 6 cm, compatible with Gimbal fixtures of TAROT, FEIYUTECH etc.
  • Max. Propeller Size: 10 Inch
  • Mounting holes motor mount: 16 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm

Available Sets (compilation of SYNOSYSTEMS UAV)

1. Thunder S550 Frame with DJI E310 Crankset Hexa

This Set combines the Thunder S550 kit with the new E310 Tuned Propulsion Set from DJI. This composition makes the S550 a TOP - modern-Hexakopter on the latest state of the art. Perfectly balanced motors and propellers, as well as the modern control technology provide a perfect base for low vibration, reactive flight characteristics at optimum efficiency in terms of electricity demand and time-of-flight.

Scope Of Delivery Thunder S550 Hexacopter Set 1:

Results of our product Tests

Test-copter: S550 DJI E310 Crankset, Pix32 PX4 2.4.6 pixhawk, uBlox M8 N GPS/ compass module, 433 MHz telemetry module with antenna, Multistar LiPo 4s 10c 5200 mAh. VIDEO-documentary.

  • Total take-off weight,: 1.904 g
  • Time-of-flight div. Flights: 18 - 19 Minutes
  • Medium Hover Current: 14.5 A
  • Comfortable flight (as in the Video): 12A - 18A
  • Max. Power ca: 57A*

*= If you have frequent and longer-lasting a max. Output > 52A to retrieve a LiPo with a higher C Rating should be used! Short-term recall is with the Multistar 4s 10c 5.200 mAh no Problerm (for short periods up to 104A, duration up to 52). See diagrams in the Video.


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Thunder S550 Hexacopter Set

Thunder S550 Hexacopter Set

Thunder S550 Hexacopter Set


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