3.97 mm f/2.8 82d HFOV 16MP IR-Cut

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3.97 mm f/2.8 82d HFOV 16MP IR-Cut

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3.97 mm f/2.8 82d HFOV 16MP IR-Cut

For GoPro 4, GoPro 3+, GoPro 3, DJI Inspire, Phantom 3

The lens is the latest Generation of 4K Lenses from Peau Productions. With this 16 MP NON-Fisheye lens you can take 12 MP photos (GoPro Hero 4,3+,3) and 4K (GoPro 4 Black) Videos (up to 8.4 MP). Crystal-clear, sharp images without distortion.

Compared with the Original Objective (-40 degrees GoPro`s, - 8 degrees DJI X3, Phantom 3 cameras), the lens recorded Motrive closer without falling into a greater Zoom range. Ideal for demanding aerial photography and movies.

For the conversion, nothing needs to be rebuilt, only the original lens. By the identical f-Stop, the Software, the GoPro 4 must be used for the white balance is not removed. Therefore, ideal for the DIY conversion.

Note: A is already in the works with this lens equipped the GoPro 4 BLack (PeaPro82) is for 845,99.

Delivery options (select box):

1. As a DIY-kit

2. Incl. Conversion of (the Old lens, remove the selected lens mount, professional focus adjustment, freight costs-D-USA-D)

Video taken with a GoPro4, 3DR SOLO

DIY-retrofit DJI Inspire 1

DIY conversion of Phantom 3 and Phantom Vision 2+ camera

Technical Data:

Model NumberGP39728
Focal Length3.97 mm
35mm Equivalent22.63 mm
Fish-eye DistortionNO
Black VignettingNO
Weight (with Stock Lens = 5.5 g)15g
Angle of View (V*H*D)65 x 82 x 92 degrees
Aperture (f Stop)2.8
Back Focal Length (BFL)4.65 mm
Dimensions (Diameter x Length)17.40 x 22.48 mm
Native Camera Sensor Support1/2.3"
Native Megapixel Support16MP
Thread MaterialMetal
Optics MaterialGlass
Fits in the GoPro Waterproof Case?Yes (Pressure on the Lens Will Cause it to Shift Focus, So Use Extended Backdoor)
Case Mod Needed?No (But Puts Less Pressure on Lens)
Dust Ring Included?Yes (DR_A + DR_B)


Filter TypeDescription
Visible Light RGB Filter [Recommended]This is the filter that every camera has to capture Visible Light that our eyes see. All infrared (IR) light is blocked so the colors are normal. This is the same filter in the stock camera has.


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3.97 mm f/2.8 82d HFOV 16MP IR-Cut

3.97 mm f/2.8 82d HFOV 16MP IR-Cut

3.97 mm f/2.8 82d HFOV 16MP IR-Cut


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