Pixhawk2.1 The Cube - Critical Safety Notice Update

Pixhawk2.1 The Cube - Critical Safety Notice Update

Pixhawk2.1 The Cube - Safety Notice

The manufacturer HEX Technology warns in the official forum with the following post officially about a possible hardware error for Cubes, which were acquired / delivered in 2019:


Please update your Mission-Planner installation to the current beta version which will be available today. If your cube is affected by the problem, the error will be automatically detected.

If your Cube is affected, do not fly!
The manufacturer will inform about the next steps as soon as possible.

Update 25.04.2019

The manufacturer points out that due to the ongoing research and tests, the affected production period could not be narrowed down further so far. The security warning has been tightened. Even if the above test is negative with your cube (no error message or no IMU defect detected), do not fly for now!

For Green Cube, Cube Blue and Purple Cube, however, there is an all-clear. These products are not affected by this issue.

The manufacturer and ArduPilot (Firmware) work together on an automated detection of the defect. In addition, beta versions (ArduCopter, ArduPlane) will be made available, which ensure a reliable redundancy function in the event of a defect. Please check the Service Bulletin regularly for further announcements.

Apr 23, 2019