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PeauPro Camera

PeauPro cameras are original GoPro Hero 4 Black cameras from Peau Productions Inc. as a Barebone (without lens and accessories) to be purchased. The PeauPro`s have basically the same properties as the Original, only the desired lens is installed instead of the series-Fisheye lens, and is the perfect function/ colour reproduction, the GoPro pre-installed lens profile (Software). For images (photo 10 MP/ Video 4K) will continue to use the full sensor size, wherein the setting options "Wide, Medium and Narrow" can also be used with the modification used. Smaller beam angle, e.g. 60 degrees, lead to the original wide-angle lens with approx. 170 degrees, to a Zoom effect. The motifs are unnatural, the image is correspondingly low density but with a higher pixel.

Anyone who uses an Action-Cam classic, a large portion of the image as not to have to constantly the orientation of the camera. The side-effect is the so-called fish-eye effect. This can be by post-processing to remove - but it will reduce according to the picture. Also, the pixel density does not decreases despite the reduced part of the picture by the post - processing is still something!

In the case of the recording of aerial images and films, it's mainly about, to photograph a subject in the best possible quality and to movies. Through the use of small opening angle, with the same size Sensor, the pixel density is increased significantly. This has the consequence that, in the image and film material for later use can be zoomed. Since more pixels are available, the image remains even after several zoom levels will be much clearer and nicer to look at as when shooting with a wide angle lens.

With a PeauPro camera you comes, therefore, on the one hand, the advantage of a very lightweight camera, which, in the result, however, for many tasks, much more expensive system camera. In addition to the aspect camera, the size of the Copter remains in a practical and affordable range. PeaPro cameras are also fully compatible with the SOLO smart drone from 3D Robotics.

The manufacturer Peau Productions granted a factory warranty of 4 weeks, as well as warranties within the legal framework. On customer's request is an extended warranty available, 12 months cover and damage due to accidents/ crashes.

Use the option button (under the price) you can select different lens options.

Scope of delivery:

  • GoPro Hero 4 Black Camera
  • The desired lens (absolutely distortion-free quality) installed and focus adjusted professionally
  • The Original GoPro Lens Profiles (Software) for perfect colour quality far
  • USB charging cable

Not included:

  • Original Retail Packaging
  • In the Original enclosed Acessiores, user manual and battery

Model overview

ModelLenscorresponds to Zoom*
PeauPro605.4 mm f/2.5 60d HFOV 10MP2 compartment
PeauPro724.35 mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP1.7
PeauPro72 NDVI4.35 mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP1.7
PeauPro823.97 mm f/2.8 82d HFOV 16MP1.5-fold
PeauPro2201.21 mm f/2.0 220d HFOV 16MPfor 360 degrees

*= Based on the original GoPro 170 degree wide angle lens


For the creation of 360-degree media. For Mono 220-degree cameras are a minimum of 2x and for Stereo 3D 4 220 degree cameras are required.

Some sample Videos (don't forget to 4K):





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PeauPro Camera

PeauPro Camera



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