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pixhawk2.1 Suite Version Standard

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pixhawk2.1 Suite "The Cube" Standard

A completely redundant AutoPilot System in accordance with the PX4 Open-Hardware project - state of the art!

-> In more detail, the first report on the Pixhawk2.1 with the information about the product history

The pixhawk2.1 is the consistent further development of the 3DR Pixhawk. Development and planning is carried out by the company ProfiCNC (Australia), as well as the ArduPilot Community. The production has the company HEX Technology Limited in China. An Alpha series (pixhawk2) is already since a few weeks, when numerous members of the ArduPilot Dev team, successful in daily use. The public Beta Phase begins with the delivery of the pixhawk2.1 in October 2016 and end in December 2016. To the delivery of the final product already. The Beta Phase serves, in particular, the adaptation of the Firmware (ArduPilot Suite), which implements some of the new developments.

From the 2. Production Batch is the Pixhawk2.1 in two different models:

1. Pixhawk2.1 Standard: the Carrier Board without the slot for the Intel Edison

2. Pixhawk2.1 PER: Carrier Board with slot, incl. GPS-module "Here".

What's new - Overview

  • Modular Design, completely flexible Connectivity
  • Complete redundancy thus reliability and reduced integration requirements increased
  • 100% RTK-ready, the use of multiple GPS modules is Standard
  • In the pixhawk2.1 Cube are a total of 29 MEMS Sensors installed:
  • 3x 3 acceleration Sensors (3-axis)
  • 3x 3 gyroscopes (3-axis)
  • 3x 3 Magnetometer (3-axis)
  • 2x Barometer

Key Features

  • Separate units Cube (= Sensors) and Carrier Board. This allows developers to use their own Boards.
  • Robust plug-in connector (DF17, JST-GH) for easier operation, and higher operational reliability
  • Suitable for: VTOL, airplane, Multicopter, trad. Helicopter, Rover, Boot, uBoot, and Robotics in General
  • Heated technology for use even at low temperatures
  • 3 compartment redundatnte IMU (vibration decoupling), up to 3 redundant GPS modules ensure a high level of operational safety
  • Slot for the Intel Edison Board (Pro-Version Only!)
  • The Standard Power module supplied with the pixhawk2.1 Suite


Scope Of Delivery Pixhawk2.1 Standard:

1x Pixhawk2.1 Cube

1x Carrier Board without the slot for the Intel Edison

1x Power Brick Mini (with 2 PCs. Redundancy).

1x SD Card Mini (pre-installed), SD Card Adapter

1x I2C Splitter

1x Buzzer incl. Cable

1 Set (4 PCs.) Mounting Screws M2.5x8

1 set 3M double-sided adhesive Pads


JST-GH is the new plug-in system of the Pixhawk 2, HiRose DF13 is the "old plug-in system", for example, 3DR Pixhawk and PX4 Compatible

2x telemetry cable, JST-GH -> HiRose DF13 (6 wire)

1x Power-cable, JST-GH -> JST-GH, the Power-Brick Mini

1x Power-cable, JST-GH -> HiRose DF13 (PX4-compatible Power modules)

1x I2C cable, JST-GH -> HiRose DF13

1x GPS1 cable-whip = JST-GH

-> Safety Switch

-> GPS/ compass module (DF13)

-> I2C (DF13)

1x GPS2 cable-whip = JST-GH

-> GPS/ compass module (DF13)

-> I2C (DF13)

-> WiKi, guide for the commissioning of the Pixhawk2.1

-> In more detail, the first report on the Pixhawk2.1 with the information about the product history

Technical data (manufacturer's data) pixhawk2.1

=> Download technical data pixhawk2.1 PDF

=> pixhawk2.1 user manual PDF

=> Specification Hirose DF17 PDF


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pixhawk2.1 Suite aka The Cube

pixhawk2.1 Suite aka The Cube

pixhawk2.1 Suite Version Standard


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