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Here 2 GNSS module

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At The End Of October 2018

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Here 2 GNSS module

The Here 2 GNSS module for, e.g., the Pixhawk2.1 has been extended by the manufacturer HEX Technology technically as follows, and is approx. 22.August 2018 available (if necessary, provided that a timely pre-ordered):

1. New Smart Chip
Built-in STM32F302 processor chip on which the real-time operating system ChibiOS running with an open architecture. This allows for user-defined functions, and it supports Firmware Updates.

2. Rapid change in the CAN-mode
To use both by fast CAN-Bus or via the I2C interface. To select via built-in mechanical switch.

3. More Sensors, more ...
A complete IMU with accelerometer, compass and gyroscope can meet the different needs of the user for the Navigation even better. The additional Sensor values are fed into the control circuit.

4. Colored LED, more choices
Independent and customizable LEDs (4 PCs.) can display 4 different colours and LED flashing patterns in different flight modes display

5. Small change, big effect

Built-in Barometer MS5611 to measure air pressure. This serves the optimisation of the height determination. In particular, for projects to be useful, the need of an external Barometer. For example, in the case of installation of the auto-pilot in a largely air-tight plane.

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Here 2 GNSS module

Here 2 GNSS module

Here 2 GNSS module

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