Pixhawk2.1 The Cube Mini


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Pixhawk2.1 The Cube Mini

(without the Carrier Board!)

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Figure shows the Cube Mini with the Mini Carrier Board (accessory)

Pixhawk2.1 The Cube Mini

The Cube Mini is a technically simplified Version of the Pixhawk2.1 Black Cube. In this embodiment, the focus is on a reasonably flat design for use in the smallest possible space. Ideal in combination with the Mini Carrier Board.

Technically, the Pixhawk2.1 Cube Mini with the same FMU incl. Co-processor and sensors assembled assembled such as the Cube Black. However, without redundancy. Also on the Sensor-heating, and the vibration decoupling was omitted in favor of the dimensions.

Caution: Stand 23.01.2019 is the Pixhawk2.1 Cube Mini is not taken into account in the current Version of the Firmware (ArduPilot e.g. ArduCopter 3.4.6 stable). Until the availability of the next Firmware Updates must be used, therefore, according to the latest Beta-Version! Download Link.

Scope of delivery:

1x Pixhawk2.1 The Cube Mini. The Mini Carrier Board is not included!

Technical Data:


On STM32F427 Rev 3-Flight management unit. (where the flight controller lives.)

On the STM32F100 I/O processor with pass through capabilities for failsafe. (deals with the Receiver and outputs )

1 Fixed 10 Axis IMU on the main Main board.

(MPU9250 3 axis Accell, 3 axis gyro, and 3 axis mag, and MS5611 Barometer)


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Pixhawk2.1 The Cube Mini

Pixhawk2.1 The Cube Mini

Pixhawk2.1 The Cube Mini

(without the Carrier Board!)


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