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Drone Deploy Demonstration

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Drone Deploy Demonstration

Limited time offer for the months of March, April and may 2017.

You will learn the benefits of the drone deploy service on a complete workflow of the aerial survey from your Test site to the final evaluation (created with drone deploy). This is a good opportunity the costs and Benefits of any future investment or booking of the drone deploy Service to weigh. In addition, a training effect, the subsequent acquisition/ use of training time, one part results from the demonstration.

The offered services contains:

Joint flight planning, aerial survey, Upload* the image material to the drone deploy Cloud servers for analysis, NDVI analysis*, preparation of maps* 3D models*, review of the evaluation*. *= If there is not sufficient broadband Internet access is available, be marked with a * steps of the workflow in our office, evaluation of meeting online (Web-Browser) and on the phone. Delivery of the reports in the desired data formats.

As a Test-Area, we fly over areas up to 10 Ha. Larger areas are available by arrangement and for a small fee. In the context of the product demonstration, we operate exclusively in your plot of land outside of areas for which a specific access permit would be required. It is a demonstration of the Equipment according to your wishes. Available DJI Phantom 4/ 4Pro, SYNOSURVEYOR IV, several cameras (multi-spectral, NDVI, system cameras up to about 40 MP).

This service is a product demonstration! The staff does not have in-depth knowledge in the areas of Agricultural - forestry - GIS and photogrammetry.

Price: The specified price is as a guide. Your order in the online shop does not lead to a job! On the basis of your order, our sales will discuss with you the necessary Details over the phone for a special offer. Limited time offer for the months of March, April and may 2017.

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Drone Deploy Info:

Drone deploy is one of the pioneers of Cloud-based analysis of georeferenced images with Multirotors. The special feature of the service, the partial Substitution of real data through intelligent algorithms what is the use of low-cost RTF multi - copter-and cameras, for example, the brand DJI. The necessary flight routes-planning for the creation of the image material is largely automated and is carried out by means of compatible Apps for Android - and IOS-based Smartphones and Tablets. The in this way created image material can be easily uploaded to the finisher on the Server of the company drone deploy where they are evaluated and the desired final product and the corresponding evaluation will be made available to the comparable a short time to view online and to Download.

In many areas of application can be achieved in this way is quite high-quality results. In some cases, the classic creation/ evaluation, or the current specialized services by means of elaborately-equipped drones is more accurate - requires, however, calibrated camera technology, elaborately corrected position determination, as well as most expensive, software-based services for the evaluation, and creation of the desired end product. The use of drone deploy provides the following benefits, in particular for one-time or recurring projects:

  • No Know-How for the creation of the flight plan (Overlap, height, pixels/ cm etc.)
  • A very simple Workflow of the aerial survey to evaluation
  • On the basis of a simple, cheap multicopter System, but of course also suitable for professionielle multicopter and equipment can
  • No elaborate camera technique is absolutely necessary
  • The purchase of expensive evaluation Software is not required
  • The Learning operation is usually a complex evaluation Software eliminates
  • No acquisition of efficient Computer Hardware to the analysis Software necessary

With drone deploy the process can be simplified, and a similar rapid success, even for the layman. Now screening book!

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Drone Deploy Demonstration

Drone Deploy Demonstration

Drone Deploy Demonstration


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