Drone Deploy The Mapping Licenses

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Drone Deploy Mapping License (Selection):

Selection of drone deploy PRO, drone deploy Business

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Drone Deploy Mapping License

Drone deploy is an American provider of a Cloud-based service for the processing of airborne material. Basically, there can be used any camera, and virtually all types of drones. Specialized Apps for Android and IOS Tablet`s stand for some of the DJI models.

The special feature of drone deploy is the very simple Workflow, guaranteed to lay the best results: images create, upload, and the desired analysis in the select. Depending on the amount of data to get the result of, for example, an ortho-photo (from single images together put overall image) after only a few minutes to view Online and to Download in various data formats, such as Google Earth Overlay.

The drone deploy service with some basic functions as well as the limited resolution available for free. For a larger scope of services, the rates drone deploy PRO and drone deploy Business are available for a fee. These include the possibility to integrate other Apps, like AutoDesk Export, plant count, MyJohnDeere Export, AgriSense, aGX, and more.

The available licenses are for a year subscription. SYNOSYSTEMS UAV is an official dealer and also for the Support of the drone deploy service your contact. Like to lead you on a little Test project of your choice a complete Workflow of the aerial survey to the evaluation (all options available) - > drone deploy demonstration.

The use of drone deploy provides the following benefits, in particular for one-time or recurring projects:

  • No Know-How for the creation of the flight plan (Overlap, height, pixels/ cm etc.)
  • A very simple Workflow of the aerial survey to evaluation
  • The basis can be a simple, cheap multicopter System, but of course also suitable for professionielle Multicopter and equipment
  • No elaborate camera technique is absolutely necessary
  • The purchase of expensive evaluation Software is not required
  • The Learning operation is usually a complex evaluation Software eliminates
  • No acquisition of efficient Computer Hardware to the analysis Software necessary

With drone deploy the process can be simplified, and a similar rapid success, even for the layman.

More Info in the SYNOSYSTEMS UAV WiKi

Overview of the drone deploy rates (incl. 7% VAT)

Scope of workFreePROBusiness
Price for 3 months0,00 €299,00 €Request
Price per 12 months0,00 €1.129,00 €2.699,00 €
Maps (Map) and 3D modelsMax. 5/ monthunlimitedunlimited
Limit for number of images/ evaluation5001.0003.000
Maximum Resolution5 cm/ Pixel2 cm/ Pixel1 cm/ Pixel
Process Prioritization023
SupportCommunityDD EmailDD Email
DD ChatDD Chat
30 days free testing PhaseOn Request
Function scope
Minimum requirement of the cameraNo / NDVINo / NDVI
Freely selectable flight planning software
DD App for the DJI Phantom 4,3, MAVIC Pro
Apple IOS, Android
Compatible with Pix4D App, Altizure App, etc.
Sharing & collaboration (Links, etc.)
NDVI and height of the Layer
Volume Calculation
2D Map and 3D models Export
Shapefile and CONTOUR file Export
Processing of RTK data
Processing of control points
Portal with its own Branding
User management


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Drone Deploy The Mapping Licenses

Drone Deploy The Mapping Licenses

Drone Deploy Mapping License (Selection):

Selection of drone deploy PRO, drone deploy Business


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