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FlightDeck App of Craft and Theory for FrSky Taranis X9D,the X9D+, X9E

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FlightDeck is an App (Firmware) for the Transmission, visualization, and voice output of the telemetry data from the Pixhawk auto-pilot on the Display of the RC-transmitter (currently FrSky Taranis X9D/X9D+/X9E and FrSky Taranis QX7). The Transmission of the telemetry data is based on the ArduPilot Firmware, and the MavLink Protocol. For the Transmission of the return channel of the RC transmitter or a telemetry is used capable receiver (e.g., X8R).

-> This leads to high ranges of > 2,000 m, is a perfect Overview of all relevant data and Status messages, as well as in the event of interruption of the telemetry link with the Notebook or Tablet (ground station).

-> No laptop or Tablet for the receipt of telemetry data is required, but it can also be used. Each time everything at a glance incl. System messages and warnings.

FlightDeck is the ideal complement for the popular FrSky RC transmitter and Pixhawk autopilot!

Scope of delivery

1x flight deck (pre-prepared files for the Firmware Upgrade of the RC-transmitter)*.

1x Manual in English (soon also in English available)*

(1)x connection cable AutoPilot <-> RC receiver (if selected)

*=Delivery by Download-Coupon

Important: For the connection between the AutoPilot and the receiver, a telemetry cable is required. The cables differ depending on the AutoPilot and the RC-receiver. By the selection in the option box (under the price) are Bundles available. For the order of each of the cables, please use the article FlightDeck telemetry cable. Pictured autopilot and RC transmitter/receiver are not included and are for illustration purposes only.

For the Transfer of the LiPo-voltage (single cell) has to be integrated, a separate LiPo Sensor. The Sensor of the Power Module supplied with the autopilot does not provide this Information in the rule. Suitable for example, the FrSky FLVSS LiPo Sensor or MAUCH Sensors.

With the name of the FlightDeck Set or FlightDeckQ Set we offer each-a complete Set consisting of the desired FlightDeck Version incl. Telemetry cable and FLVSS LiPo Sensor.

Technical requirements at a Glance

  • FlightDeck is compatible to the RC channels FrSky Taranis X9D/X9D+/X9E
  • FlightDeckQ is compatible with the RC-transmitters FrSky Taranis Q X7/ Q X7s
  • FlightDeck/Q requires a "Smart Port telemetry" - capable RC-receiver. Currently, these are the FrSky X8R, and XSR - receiver. Others do not work!
  • RC-transmitter: Firmware Version OpenTX2.2
  • AutoPilot: Pixhawk2.1 Standard or PRO Version, Pixhawk3, 3DR Pixhawk and all the PX4 compatible APs with ArduPilot Firmware Copter, Rover or Plane.

Service and Support

We are the official Distributor of the company, Craft and Theory, LLC, and are the point of contact for Warranty, Service and Support. The purchase price includes 6 months of free Update Service. The option to purchase "Extended Care" extended to the cost-free Update-Service for a further 12 months, and additionally provides a prioritization of Support issues by the manufacturer.

ArduPilot Information
All in One Screen


Battery Indicator

  • Battery pack and lowest cell voltage
  • Lowest recorded pack and cell voltages
  • Current and power draw

Heads-Up Display

  • Familiar layout (same as Mission Planner)
  • Pitch and roll indicators
  • Heading and compass bezel
  • Home direction indicator
  • Altitude, horizontal speed, and vertical speed

Refresh rate
24 Hz

ArduPilot Messages

  • Status and error messages
  • Message severity (e.g., Info, Warning, Critical)

Flight Mode Indicator

  • Know the current flight mode at all times: no more guessing!
  • Makes your Taranis speak out the flight mode, so you don’t have to look down!

Distance from home 147 meters

Aircraft Position

  • Distance above ground (if equipped with a rangefinder) or above home position
  • Distance from home
  • Direction of home

GPS Fix Status

  • GPS fix indicator (No GPS, No fix, 2D fix, 3D fix, DGPS fix, RTK)
  • Number of satellites and GPS fix quality (HDOP)
  • GPS lost announcement


Flight Time and Transmitter Status

  • Flight time as determined by autopilot (paused when landed)
  • RC link signal quality
  • RC transmitter battery voltage


  • HUD alerts
  • Low/critical cell voltage flashing
  • Low battery level flashing
  • GPS signal alerts flashing
  • ArduPilot messages flashing

"It was always a drag for me in the field, to be deprived from the basic status messages of my flight controller. Many a problem could have been avoided with this information. Everything is just clear now. It is a quantum leap for my work with planes and flight controllers." Roland

Compatible Hardware


Craft & Theory Telemetry Cables for

  • Pixhawk
  • Pixhawk 2.1 “The Cube”
  • Pixhawk 3 Pro
  • PixRacer
  • Pixhack
  • Dropix

All FrSky Smart Port telemetry receivers



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FlightDeck App of Craft and Theory for FrSky Taranis X9D,the X9D+, X9E


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