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Linux-based AutoPilot System on Raspberry Pi (single Board Computer).

The NAVIO2 AutoPilot from home EMLID is drones in the result of the consistent further development of the pure Sensor-accumulation of a "Flight Control" to a control Computer for civilian. A Trend that was already implemented by the company 3D Robotics with the launch of the 3DR SOLO.


The combination of a more or less full Computer with an independent operating system (LINUX) that has the required Sensors and the AutoPilot Hardware is connected, offers a number of advantages compared to the "disposable products":

  • Scalable Computing Power
  • Open operating system for the development and combination of desired applications
  • Calculator or AutoPilot can be replaced without the need for fundamental change in the system
  • Planning security when using, for example, the APM Flight Stack (oldest open source Community in this industry)
  • The accumulation of additional Controller for "this and that" is not necessary on Board your UAV/UAS
  • Whether Video compression, image recognition, Long Range FPV via mobile radio technology (LTE), WWW, Remote, and incredibly many possibilities .....

IMPORTANT: The NAVIO2 AutoPilot Board to a Raspberry Pi2 or Raspberry Pi3 single-Board computer is connected. The System is more or less Plug-and-Play - basic knowledge in dealing with single-Board computers and Linux, however, are recommended for the initial start-up! An Overview of we have tested peripheral devices (Plug&Play cameras, WiFi Dongles, G4/LTE Sticks) can be found in our WiKi.

We will gladly make you an offer for a fully operational System according to your specifications. It's just the usual settings and calibrations are then via Mission Planner according to your Copter/Rover, etc.

Product description NAVIO2

NAVIO2 mit Rasberry PI2


NAVIO2 runs on the proven APM Flight Stack and the different flight-modes including Manual, Stabilize, Follow-Me. The program execution is performed directly on the Raspberry Pi with a Realtime Linux Kernel. Therefore, you can run at the same time your own or additional applications such as Video Streaming. The NAVIO2 AutoPilot can be used for multi-copter, area, plane and Rover.

Multi-platform GCS

GCS stands for "Ground Control Station" to German = ground station. APM in connection with the MavLink Protocol supports a whole range of appropriate Software, both for Windows and Linux PCs as well as Apple Mac. In addition, s App, primarily for Android - based Smartphones and Tablets. Handling as a 3DR Pixhawk, APM 2.6+, etc . NAVIO sends the telemetry data either via the connected Transmission Hardware (e.g., 433 MHz telemetry Set, WiFi 5 GHz module or, for example, over a LTE Surf Stick < all devices not in the scope of delivery!). Through the Remote connection, all the ground station functions, including a can as usual. direct control but also additional functions to be performed.

Internet Connection

If the NAVIO2 has a as described in the Hardware that allows a connection to the Internet, e.g., a LTE Surf Stick, the telemetry data but also the control function, as well as the live image/ live stream in the world. Important: In Germany, in sight of a Drone operator must be at least present, and a classic radio connection with a RC transmitter to be built. Depending on the setting of the Failsafe options, NAVIO bring a flight plan autonomously to the conclusion, although possible, was interrupted, the RC-transmitter link (radio interference).

Ideal "researchers and developers" platform

NAVIO2 is a RTF (Ready to Fly) AutoPilot solution, which is initially developed as a research and development platform and, as such, is already the world's universities and colleges. In the meantime, in the 2. Generation of NAVIO2 is now ready for use in Hobby and professional or commercial use. Due to the availability of Open Source device drivers, as well as the user-friendly programming environment in C++ and Python, the NAVIO2 offers no limits to creativity. It is particularly pleasing that there are already very many free applications available on the Open-Source base for the Raspberry Pi in conjunction with the 3DR Pixhawk (APM Stack). These applications can easily be used with the NAVIO2.

NAVIO2 Highlights

-> Dual IMU for the highest Performance and redundancy

-> High-resolution Barometer (10 cm)

-> Built-in GNSS receiver (uBlox M8N GPS module) with external antenna connector

-> 3-way redundant power supply

-> RC IO Co-processor for the connection of a PPM or SBUS receivers. 14x PWM output.

-> Extension Ports (DF13 / APM and Pixhawk compatible) with ADC, I2C and UART for Sensors and transmission technology

Technical Data:

  • MPU9250 9DOF IMU
  • MS5611 Barometer
  • U-blox M8N Glonass/GPS/Beidou
  • RC I/O co-processor
  • 14 PWM / servo outputs
  • PPM/S. Bus input
  • Triple redundant power supply
  • Power module connector
  • UART, I2C, ADC for extensions
  • Size: 55x65mm
  • Weight: 23gr

Available Delivery options (see selection box below the price):

1. NAVIO2 Kit, contents:

  1. NAVIO2 Board
  2. External GPS/GLONASS antenna and active LNA built-in, 30 cm cable length, 45x35x15 mm
  3. Power module with current sensor, up to 4s LiPo/ 60A (30V optional available)
  4. Cable set NAVIO2
  5. Plug-in connection bar, for connection with the Raspberry PI2 (Pi2/Pi3 is not in the scope of delivery), standoffs and nylon screws

2. NAVIO2 Kit 30V, as before, but with a 30V power module for 6s LiPo

We are happy to prepare your NAVIO2+Raspberry PI2 RTF package also individually according to your Wishes. We look forward to your inquiry!

Operating instructions:

-> NAVIO2 manufacturer Info and user manual

-> Manual and Info for the NAVIO2 on our WiKi

-> Download the prepared Image for the initial start-up

-> Setup APM/ 3DR Pixhawk

-> Setup APM/ 3DR Pixhawk, Tips and Tricks (in German) on our WiKi

-> Test report on the blog (in preparation)


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