MAPIR Magpy Surveying Drone RTF


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MAPIR Magpy Surveying Drone RTF

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MAPIR Magpy Surveying Drone RTF

Magpy is a compact, fixed-wing aircraft drone (RC aircraft), which is very easy to use and Ready-to-Fly ships. Plan your flights quickly and easily with the Mission ControlApp (currently only for Android Tablets) and start the Mission by making a simple throw to start. Magpy can cover 30-40 acres of surface per battery charge, and then lands autonomously, as in the flight planning defined. The Survey3 camera is a gem. the Grid calculation, or the waypoint is automatically activated. The images are provided from the Ublox M8N GNSS receiver automatically Geo-Tag. Thanks to the SD-card extender, you can switch SD cards and Magpy batteries between flights easily.

Please note: If a Survey3 camera is purchased separately from this Magpy-the package is not installed the camera in the Magpy-drone. The Magpy-package purchased Survey3 cameras are not supplied with an additional GPS receiver or camera battery. We recommend, therefore, to acquire the desired camera together with the Magpy drone. A subsequent installation is possible, however also easily possible.

Magpy is the fully Autonomous flight operation - what to see in Germany and other European countries is not allowed. On request/request, we complement the already built-in, Pixhawk-based auto-pilot, with a suitable RC transmitter and receiver. For the flight operation of an Android - enabled Tablet (not in the price enthallten) and a Ground Control App. Recommended for Magpy is the "Mission Control"-App (free Download) for Android OS Version 4.4-8. The alternative use of other GCS Software is possible, and Magpy is also compatible to z. b: drone deploy® , Pix4D® , drone mapper® and AgiSoft® meta-shape.

The main features of the Magpy drone:

  • 30 minutes flight time, 30 to 40 hectares (400 ft / 120m AGL), depending on the Wind
  • The Survey3 camera is triggered automatically and the images will be provided during the flight with Geotags
  • Pull out the SD card from the camera and load it into the MAPIR Camera Control (free of charge) to calibrate the reflection
  • The user-friendly Mission Control-flight application can be run on any Android device
  • No Controller Restart required, fully Autonomous, and Land
  • Simply swap the SD card and the battery, so you can quickly fly again
  • High-precision uBlox M8N GPS for aircraft navigation and camera Geo-Tags
  • The integrated air velocity sensor provides for a more efficient flights
  • High quality Servos with metal gears and ESC + Motor to reduce the "Servo Twitching"
  • The strapping tape reinforced the repair-friendly, EPP-hull
  • The replacement of the wings and Propeller are available
  • A small Box enables you to lower worldwide shipping costs

Fig. shows optional accessories!

Scope of delivery:

1 x Magpy drone (RTF without RC transmitter/receiver)

1 x telemetry kit 433 MHz (Europe Version)

1 x flight battery

1 x AC battery charger (EU compliant)

2 x Propeller

1 x tool for propeller mounting

1 x license for Mission Control App

Note: Please place a MAPIR Survey 3 camera of your choice (not included in the price) in the same basket as the Magpy drone. If, together with the Magpy drone, no camera is purchased, there is no installation from the factory. For still open questions regarding the choice of the camera or to the Magpy drone, our sales team can be happy to assist you. Send us a request or call us at.

Important information and Links

Magpy Guides and instructional Videos

Information, instructions and Download Mission Control App

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MAPIR Magpy Surveying Drone RTF

MAPIR Magpy Surveying Drone RTF

MAPIR Magpy Surveying Drone RTF