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FireFLY6 is a Hybrid drone, consisting of a plane and a Hexa-copter (Y6). It has the advantages of the respective aircraft-genera of surface and rotary-wing aircraft will Start a VTOL (= vertical/ Land) combined.

=> For a more Detailed explanation of the topic, as well as a corresponding detailed product presentation can be found in our Blog (soon).

The modular design of the FireFLY6 the manufacturer's Birdseye view (United States) is a Set of Airframe, actuator Set, and AutoPilot with GPS and telemetry Transmission. The requirements of the "flying skills "pilots" are comparatively as low as in today's commercially-available, high-quality Mulitikopter systems. FireFLY6 has prepared positions for payloads:


  • Rigid, fixed mounting tray in the nose for cameras, such as MAPIR or GoPro
  • Slot for 2-axle up to 3achsige Gimbal for GoPro, MAPIR
  • Inclusion of an anti-vibration camera mount for cameras, e.g. Sony A6000, 1-4x Mounts for MAPIR cameras

Ready to use

  • MicaSense RedEdge multi-spectral camera with special bracket
  • FlirVue thermal imaging camera ready for operation in the 2-axis Gimbal* (for Germany, not installed, still available)

FireFLY6 DIY15 with Gimbal/ GoPro

FireFLY6 is available in three different designs and power options available:

DIY15: Entry-Level VTOL, modular, 15 minutes flight time*, AVA Sport, up to 700g payload

DIY25: Semi-Pro/ Pro, modular, 25 minutes of flight time*, AVA Mapping, up to 1.1 KG of payload

PER: ready built, modified Airframe, 40+ minutes of flight time*, AVA Mapping, up to 2 KG payload (variable payload/ LiPo capacity)

*= The information on the time-of-flight are related to the March flight. In the case of overriding the hover, the flight time is reduced significantly.

AutoPilot and Firmware (included, different license classes)

As the AutoPilot a PX4hawk (PIX32) with uBlox M8N GPS module, and telemetry kit 433 MHz and is part of all Sets.

The special challenge of a VTOL system of the Transition (Transition) from the hover flight in the cruise flight, or Vice versa. For the reliable Automation of this process, the company has Birdseye view, the operating system will "AVA" (Advanced VTOL Autonomy). AVA is based on the APM Stack to the ArduPilot Community and the PX4 Open-Hardware. In addition to the AVA-Firmware and for the configuration as well as ground station Software (ground station) is a Windows Client based on the APM Mission Planner: AVA ground station.

AVA-license Overview


  • Transition = Reliable Automation of the Transition from the hover to cruise flight
  • Stabilize = at Any time sensor-driven orientation and stabilization of the VTOL UAS to all axes
  • AltHold = Auto height hold
  • Country = Automated Land (exactly where at the Moment, for example, by a switch triggered)
  • RTL = Automated flight back to the starting point, and fully automatic landing (as a FailSafe)
  • Loiter = GPS-based Floating
  • Guided = Spontaneous input (e.g. via a Tablet) by Touch for "fly to this point" and other functions
  • Auto = fully automatic execution of a previously created flight plan using waypoints, POI, Grid, etc.
  • Camera Trigger = flight-plan-based Trigger from the cameras, and automated Georeferencing of the captured images

Execution FireFLY6 VTOL DIY15

The Version DIY15 offers on the Basis of the supplied Crankset is an average time-of-flight (cruise flight) is approximately 15 minutes and a payload of about 700g. The Crankset (motors, ESC and propellers) is for use with 3s LiPo (see technical data). This Version is suitable for experimentation in the area of Mapping and Serveying, as well as FPV and the Hobby in General.

Note: Modular! The prefabricated components of the Airframes in the final Assembly require. The installation and mounting of all components, wiring, simple Soldering, as well as the basic Setup of the auto-pilot are still to be made. Experience with the Assembly of an RC aircraft and multi-copter is highly recommended!

=> Construction and configuration instructions

=> Training Videos

Scope of delivery FireFLY6 DIY15

  • Pre-built Airframe (EPO foam with integrated reinforcements made of wood and composite materials), detachable (magnetic) wings, Winglets, and closures
  • PX4hawk Set with uBlox M8N GPS/compass module, and telemetry kit 433 MHz, AvA sports Key license
  • PowerPACK Crankset by Birdseye view (6x Motor 6x Knobs, 6x Propeller)
  • Motor Mounts
  • 10A Castle Creations BEC
  • 2x nose with a built-in Option (for example, MAPIR, or GoPro camera, not stabilized)
  • 2x camera bracket for cameras, the GoPro size
  • 2x Aileron Servo in the wing installed
  • All required Servo-cables and connectors
  • Retractable landing gear with suspension fully
  • Transition mechanism, including a solid Servo (metal gears), chain and sprocket drive system , bearings, carbon fiber rod (shaft) and the manhole collar
  • Power Distribution System incl. dual high-amperage Distribution Boards, 16AWG power cord Set and Dual LiPo cable with Deans male plugs to the parallel circuit of the two LiPos (each wing 1x LiPo-fold) 3s 2P.

Delivery time: For the base packages (DIY15, DIY25) without any additional accessories or customization request, the delivery time is approximately 6 - 8 working days. For the execution of PRO is expected to have approximately 20 working days. The Pro Version will be delivered from the end of August 2016 and can already be pre-ordered.

The completion of the following accessory is required:

  • RC transmitter and receiver 7 channels, as s-BUS or PPM sum-signal, alternatively, the PPM Adapter
  • 2x 3s LiPo from 10c Rating, max. Size per Pack= 142x49x22 mm. Manufacturer's recommendation: Turnigy Multistar High Capacity 3S 5200mAh 10c
  • Glue for Styrofoam/ EPO/ EPP Material
  • Two-component adhesive, e.g. UHU Endfest

Technical Data

  • A span of 1524 mm
  • Length 950 mm
  • Weight 2.7-3.4 kg (total weight in flight)
  • Flight time 15 minutes average hybrid flight
  • Payload max. 0.7 KG
  • Average working speed of approximately 54 KM/h - 80 KM/h
  • Top Speed about 105 KM/h

SYNOSYSTEMS UAV is the official Reseller and importer of the products of the company bird's eye view Aerobotics and offers in addition to the distribution of Support and advice in the compilation of Complete Sets, as well as the handling of warranty and repair cases. Other services such as Assembly, basic configuration of the auto-pilot etc. are available at an additional cost.

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